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RFID Tool Tracking and Unreasonable Expectations

Using RFID tags to keep track of tools is a great application of RFID and the use case comes up frequently. If done correctly, RFID can save an organization a ton of time and money along with reducing frustration for those in need of a tool that is missing in action...

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How much does a tag cost? It depends.

While exhibiting at Pack Expo last October in Chicago, one of the most frequent questions I was asked was:  How much does an RFID tag cost?  My answer:  12 cents to more than $20.  That’s a huge spread. I then explained further that the cost of a tag depends greatly...

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Is RFID Watching You? Concerns with RFID and Privacy

Is RFID Watching You?
Concerns with RFID and Privacy

While describing Telaeris and our products, I often discuss how we track people during emergency evacuations.  This requires us to monitor access control systems, when & where people scan their badges, and sometimes provide RFID systems which actively track where...

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