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Why Passive RFID Sensor Tags?

What if a passive RFID tag, a tag with no batteries or other power source other than the energy harvested from the tag reader, could tell us more about the environment it is located in?  This is now possible with the expanding availability of passive UHF RFID sensor...

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RFID Tool Tracking and Unreasonable Expectations

Using RFID tags to keep track of tools is a great application of RFID and the use case comes up frequently. If done correctly, RFID can save an organization a ton of time and money along with reducing frustration for those in need of a tool that is missing in action...

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How much does a tag cost? It depends.

While exhibiting at Pack Expo last October in Chicago, one of the most frequent questions I was asked was:  How much does an RFID tag cost?  My answer:  12 cents to more than $20.  That’s a huge spread. I then explained further that the cost of a tag depends greatly...

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