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Prox Compatible ISO Cards – Custom Encoded

$2.40 / each
Box of 50 / $120.00

50 pieces per box.
Minimum 2 boxes.
100 pieces




Generic prox-compatible low frequency cards are for use in access control systems configured to accept cards conforming to HID Global’s prox encoding.  Our generic prox-compatible cards are not HID Global branded cards.  These are not HID iClass cards.

PVC formulation for dye sublimation desktop printer compatibility.  Contact us if you require a high temperature compatible formulation for retransfer printer use.

Cards ship with inkjet numbering on the lower right corner on the back of the card along with slot punch indicators (one vertical and one horizontal orientation) that mark the two locations that are safe for punching lanyard slots without damaging the internal antenna.

Prox card programming requires some upfront information to ensure the cards ordered are compatible with the cards you are currently using in your access control system.  If in doubt, contact us for more help in determining your access control card needs.  Generic prox encoded cards are not returnable and cannot be erased and reprogrammed if the encoding as ordered is incorrect for your system.

You must know your bit format, facility code, and the start number for sequential number encoding.  If you do not know your encoding requirements, don’t guess.  We can help.  Send us one of your existing, known working cards and we can read back its programming and advise accordingly.

Prox Compatible Card Bit Format Facility Code Range Card Number Range
26-bit (H10301) – the most common 0-255 0-65535
26-bit Huge Not Used 0-16777215
34-bit Standard 0-65535 0-65535
34-bit for Honeywell/Northern Computers compatibility 0-255 0-65535
35-bit Corporate 1000 0-4095 0-1048575
36-bit Standard

(supply Fixed Field 0-1023 values if used)

0-255 0-65535
37-bit Huge (H10302) CardTrax compatible Not Used 0-34359738367
37-bit (H10304) 0-65535 0-524287


Contact us for volume pricing on orders over 5,000 cards and for custom printed cards


Additional information

Product Manufacturer


White PVC

Card Size

ID-1/CR-80 Conforming
3.37 inches x 2.125
(85.6 mm x 54 mm)

Dye Sublimation Printer Compatible


Slot Punch Indicators

Printed safe slot punch area indicators on card back to not damage internal antenna