Who We Are

XPress RFID is a web store of carefully selected top performing and unique RFID products for system designers, integrators, and end users. The website may be new to you, but the team of industry professionals behind it has been living and breathing RFID for more than 20 years.   During those years, the industry has undergone a lot of change.  One thing remains constant, our commitment to good customer service and recommending the right products and software to help our customers achieve a successful new implementation or future-proof an existing one.

If you don’t find a specific product you are looking for or have a question about a specific use case, please ask!  Use the Contact Us page and give as much detail as you can about your needs and what you are trying to do.  There are simply too many great products we know about to put all of them on this site.  We know each RFID implementation has it’s own set of functional requirements and success factors and we are happy to work though them with you. Engaging with us could be the best free advice you can get.


About our Samples Program

Browse our products pages and you will notice some RFID tags have a Samples Available banner.  You don’t have to be an industry veteran to learn that many tag manufacturers enforce some kind of minimum order quantity. It’s all about manufacturing scale for them. MOQs can get in the way of affordably qualifying, testing, and trialing tags in a given project.  Drives us nuts when you have to buy thousands of tags that should work to your expectation for a project…maybe.  The XPressRFID Samples Program kicks the MOQ debacle in the shins and lets you test out different tags in small quantity first, before committing to an order where MOQs need to be honored.  We do our best to negotiate with tag manufacturers to inventory smaller quantities of some of the tags we know are solid performers in their respective uses and environments. The samples are stocked in our San Diego, CA, warehouse for prompt shipping.  We do ask that you abide by our minimum $25.00 order amount.  When in doubt, if you are unsure about a good selection of tag designs to trial, contact us for some of that free advice we always keep in stock.


Shipping and Delivery Times

We are currently using flat rate ground shipping for all orders.  Orders consisting of only sample tags or lightweight items incur a flat rate of $15.00 per order to US and Canadian addresses.  Heavier items incur a flat rate of $30.00 per order to US addresses and $40.00 to Canadian addresses.  If you order both samples and heavier items, the two flat rates combine. The tag samples will typically ship separately and right away.  If you need faster shipping than ground or want to use your shippers account number for the shipping cost, contact us.  We’re as accommodating as can be.

We don’t like waiting for our stuff and know you don’t either.  We do our best to ship orders for goods inventoried in our San Diego, CA, warehouse in 1-3 days from receipt of payment.  Not all products sold on this site are maintained in our warehouse. In some cases, the products ordered may drop ship from suppliers, some of which are located overseas.  Some suppliers only build to order.  After placing an order with us, we will communicate an estimated ship date.  This ship date is an estimate and can change, sometimes by a lot.  The semiconductor shortage of late is affecting RFID chips.  There is a chance a product on this web store could get unexpectedly back ordered, discontinued, or have a component swapped.  We will keep you updated on the situation and give you any available options which could include an alternate product.  Let’s all agree there’s a lot going on in the world right now causing all kinds of unanticipated delays, even in the simplest supply chain processes we always took for granted.  We’ll do our best to work through them together with you and get your order on its way with the least amount of delay.


Refunds, Returns & Cancellations Policy

a) Should any of the goods purchased prove defective or not as ordered, you must notify us within 30 days from receipt of the order. We have the option of inspecting the goods before taking the goods back in order to determine our obligation for replacement. However, we cannot allow for any claim for inspection or expenses incurred by you in using such goods.

b) If we make an error in entering, filling or shipping an order, the merchandise is returnable for full replacement and we will accept the return transportation charges, provided we are notified within 30 days of shipment. If reproduction of product is necessary, we will replace the defective merchandise at no charge based upon the actual quantity of product returned.

c) There will be no return for any reason accepted without prior authorization.

d) Customized products are not returnable if you have made an error in ordering.  In some cases, we may be able to rework a customized product for a fee.  Contact us first to explore what’s possible.

e) We understand errors happen.  If you do have to cancel an order, please contact us as quickly as possible.  We will do everything we can within our capability to attempt to try and stop the manufacturing process if at all possible. Cancellation of an order accepted by XpressRFID.com. can be made only with our consent and upon terms that will indemnify us against loss.