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XPressUHF Encoder Software

$599.00 / item

Windows-based UHF EPC tag Writer / Reader Software

Quickly encode UHF tags with a click of button.  Deigned specifically for use with the XPressUHF USB reader sold on this website.

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XPressUHF Encoder is a compact Windows-based application to encode UHF tags.  It is designed specifically for users needing write to a single tag or to a few hundred tags in one sitting.  It works with the XPressUHF USB reader sold on this website. Order both products in one shopping cart and the reader will arrive tested and fully configured for plug and play encoding with the app.  Software is is delivered as a digital download.  Note: the XPressUHF Encoder software only works with the XPress UHF reader.  If you want to use a different reader device, please inquire for a custom software quote.

Simply launch the app after plugging in the USB XPressUHF reader and follow the in-app instructions.  The software will detect the COM port for the reader. Then in the settings tab, select either 96 bit or 128 bit tag EPC memory size and you are off and running.  Type the data you wish to encode in the Data box, then click the Write button.  You can populate the Data box with keystrokes, a USB keyboard wedge device such as a USB barcode reader, or enable the Auto Fill With Clipboard from the Settings menu. Auto Fill will automatically paste what you select from the Windows Copy command (ctrl-C or right mouse click, then Copy) into the Data box.

  • Easily encode durable fixed asset tags with serial numbers generated by an accounting or other system with the Auto Fill Feature
  • Re-encode tags applied to durable reusable assets such as ring binders, bins, buckets, etc.
  • Append data to tags already written by reading the tag data with the app, adding the additional characters such as last inspection date into the text string
  • Test read tag EPC data for general validation

This version of XPress UHH Encoder is designed for UHF tags.  HF and LF tag encoders are available by request. Inquire!

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Windows-based UHF EPC memory encoding software