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Syris RD300-M1 USB RFID Desktop Reader (13.56MHz)

$175.20 / item


  • Reader with magnetic back housing which can be held on metal materials
    (Office partition, PC outer case, etc.)
  • USB keyboard emulation, Plug and Play or Serial Port emulation
  • Built-in antenna, two colors LED visual indication and Buzzer alert
  • Auto-detect card and UID or block data
  • Provide API development tool
  • USB Firmware upgrade function
  • Support Decimal and Hexadecimal ID formats
  • Unique serial number for identification
  • Built-in user data storage space
  • Able to write URL to memory and users can simply open a webpage with the NFC-enabled mobile phone
    (Utralight NTAG203)



6 in stock

6 in stock


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Frequency              13.56MHz

Tags Supported          ISO-14443A (Mifare 1K S50, 4K S70 4/7-byte UID / Mifare Ultralight / NTAG203)

Reading Range          0~5cm

Communication          USB 1.1/2.0 Compatible, USB Mini 5-pin connector

Antenna                Build-in Antenna

LED Indicator          Two-color LED visual indication

Buzzer                 Yes

Charge Power           Power supply through USB, 5V / 200mA

Operating Temperature  -20˚C ~ 70˚C

Storage Temperature    -30˚C ~ 80˚C

Additional information

Dimensions (L x W x D)

105 x 72 x 16mm


USB 0.2A

USB Interface

1 USB Mini 5-pin connector

Standard I/O Port

USB Client


LED and Buzzer

Air Protocol Standard

Operating Temperature Range